How Bail Works

How Bail Works

What is Bail?

When a person is arrested and taken into custody, the court system will set a date and time for a trial. This can be weeks or even months away. This can mean sitting in jail for the entire wait until the trial. However, the U.S. justice system allows for some defendants to be released by paying money as a financial guarantee to the courts as sort of an insurance policy that they will show up for their trial. This exchange of money is known as bail.

How Does Bail Work?

There are two ways to post bail money. The first way is to pay cash directly to the court system. This means whatever bail is set at for the defendant is what has to be paid in full. The other way is to pay for a surety bond. This is where a defendant’s representatives go to a bail bond company and pays them a fee and the company will pay the actual bail amount. This is a route for those who cannot afford the full amount of bail. The bail company is then held liable if the defendant does not show up for his court appearances and will bring the person back to jail. To get a bail bond, a person will need:

  • The Full Name of the defendant (not just a nickname or an alias)
  • The Location of the jail and its name
  • The number in which they were booked under
  • What they were charged with and the bail amount
  • Funds or collateral to make the payment

Once everything is set up and the bail bond agent is paid, they will head to the jail and pay for the defendant to get out. This can take a bit of time depending on what time it is and how busy the jail happens to be. Here you can watch explanation video about everything mentioned above.

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  1. I had no idea that the bail bond company is responsible if the person doesn’t show up at court when he’s supposed to. My brother is worried he might get charged with a crime, and we don’t know how bonds work. It might be a good idea to contact a company beforehand so we can get our questions answered ahead of time.

  2. If I was to get a bail bond, I think it would be a good idea to figure out how it works first. That way, I won’t be guessing as to what I’d be doing. Now as you said, there are two different ways to post the bail money, so that is some good information to know. I’d always thought that there was just one.

  3. My friend was recently caught up in a complicated legal situation, and is worried that she may temporarily and wrongly end up in jail due to suspicion of guilt. So I like how you mentioned that the justice system allows for defendants to be released from jail by paying bail money until their court date. She’ll be thrilled to hear that a bail bond service might be just what she needs in the event of arrest in order to be with her family until a potential trial. Thank you.

  4. I like your explanation about paying bail by paying cash directly to the court system. Working with a bonds service might be necessary for those who need help during trying times. If I were to find myself in such a situation, I would make sure to find a bondsman that understood the importance of my immediate needs.

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